Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets

Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets

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Key Features

  • Compatible with Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flaps
  • Pack Contains 2 Collar Magnets
  • Used to operate Pet/Cat Mate electromagnetic cat flaps
  • Small and compact, will not intefere with cats natural activities
  • Genuine Pet Mate


The Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets are suitable for use with Pet Mates Magnetic Cat Flaps.

This pack of 2 Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets are ideal if you have multiple cats, or your cat has lost their Collar Magnet, or if you simply want to keep some spares handy. Simply attach to your cats collar and they're good to go. The Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets are used to operate the electromagnetic cat flaps so that only the cat wearing the magnet can enter or exit the house.


Part Code: 257

Pack Contains 2 x Car Collar Magnets

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