Blagdon pH Adjuster Pond Treatment

Blagdon pH Adjuster Pond Treatment

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Key Features

  • Unique formula that adjusts PH levels gradually
  • Helps bring the water to the correct levels
  • Maintain healthy environment for fish and pond life
  • Use with a Test Kit to determine what levels are present in the pond
  • Acid or Alkaline Treatments available


The Blagdon pH Adjuster is used to gradually adjust the pH of your pond to a safe level within the range of 6.5 – 8.5 (between 7 neutral - 8 is ideal). A rapid pH change can be more dangerous than the already existing issue. The unique buffer formula means that even if an excessive amount of product is used, it will not adjust to a pH outside of the safe levels. The Blagdon adjuster comes with simple instructions with advice on dosage and how often it should be used depending on what level your pond is. You can find out your pond's pH by using a pH test kit. (Tests are not included.)

A pH imbalance can cause illness and stress in certain species of fish. It can also prevent pond plant growth. Having extremely acidic or alkaline water will result in increasing amounts of disease and harm to any living organism within the pond.

How to use:

1. 1 level measure of the adjuster treats 285 litres (63 gallons) of water.

2. Add your desired dosage into a bucket of hot water, stir well and wait for it to dissolve.

3. Pour the liquid (hot or cold) over the water surface.

4. The water may turn to a milky-like substance, but this is normal and completely safe.

5. Repeat as the instructions advise for the following days.


Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.6 x 8.2 x 3.8 cm

Includes: pH adjuster, 1 x dosage spoon and instruction leaflet.

Each pack typically treats 5675 litres (1250 gallons).

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