Blagdon Clean Pond Machine Filter

Blagdon Clean Pond Machine Filter

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Key Features

  • Innovative Foam Free Filter using revolutionary 2 in 1 CHI Media that has a lifetime guarantee and will never need replacing.
  • Intergrated UVC clarifier
  • Direct to filter Pod dosing with 5 in 1 pods, allowing pods to dissolve straight into filter to treat blanketweed, sludge and improve maintenance.
  • Easy -no messy hands- cleaning using simple turn of a handle to activate filter cleaning
  • 3 Year Guarantee


Blagdon Clean Pond Machine is a unique filter designed for ease and a revolutionary new way to care for your pond. The end result being healthy and crystal clear water.

The new filter system has been developed by Blagdon to tackle common pond problems like Sludge, Green water and Blanketweed, all in one compact filter system.

The Clean Pond has an innovative foam free design that utilises a 2-in- 1 CHI pond filter media. The media is designed with a unique interlocking design and works as a combined biological and mechanical media that has a lifetime guarantee and never needs replacing. The media works effectively as a filter foam replacement.

Treating your pond is simple when you have a Blagdon Clean Pond system thanks to a patented direct to filter pod dosing system. Using 5 in 1 Clean Pond Pods, the soluble pods can be added directly into the centre dosing chamber, introducing natural bacteria and enzymes straight into the oxygen rich filter chamber. They soon get to work to eat pond sludge, clear blanketweed and reduce overall filter cleaning. The cleansed water is fed back into the pond where any remaining treatment works inside the pond to attack any remaining sludge or blanketweed. The pods also work to make tap water safe during set up or partial water changes as well as delivering nutrients to plants.

Each filter has an integrated UVC that works to attack the algae in the water as it passes through the system, binding it together in larger clumps that the filter can handle

But the features don’t stop there. The Clean Pond has an easy to use cleaning system that ensures no dirty hands when it comes time to maintain your Filter. A quick turn of the handle rotates mixing blades through the CHI media, releasing the remaining dirt and waste inside, allowing it to travel down the waste pipe and into your garden.

Each Clean Pond Filter comes with a free Pod Starter kit.

7000 and 1000 - 6 Pack of Pods FREE

13000 and 16000 - 12 Pack of Pods FREE

All filters have 3m Power cable and are capable of a 7m Pumping Height All filters come with 3 x Stepped Hosetails (20/25/32/40mm)

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