Blagdon Bio-Start 2000gal

Blagdon Bio-Start 2000gal

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Key Features

  • Helps Kick Start Ponds Natural Biological Filtration
  • Quick Results and Easy to Use
  • Supplies Good Bacteria to Your Pond
  • Creates a Healthy Environment for Your Fish
  • Safe for Fish, Plants and Other Pond Life. Impossible to Overdose


Blagdon Bio-Start contains biological cultures which within hours begin to set up the essential cycles that ensure the water in your pond is safe for your fish.

By providing over 8500 million bacteria per sachet, the time it takes for your pond to mature and for the biological process of breaking down nitrites and phosphate is cut in half.

By boosting this natural process you are creating a cleaner and healthier ecosystem for your fish. Not only is Bio-Start perfect for helping new ponds come to life, it is also extremely beneficial to your pond in the spring time to give your pond a helping hand for the new season.

Bio-Start can also be used after the use of medication for your fish, which helps revive any damaged biological cycles in the pond.


Each sachet (4) treats 500 gallons (2250 Litres) of Pond Water

Each box contains 4 sachets

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