biOrb Cleaning Siphon Pump – Part 46025

biOrb Cleaning Siphon Pump – Part 46025

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Key Features

  • Helps with quick and easy maintenance and water changes in your tank
  • Effectively suctions up any dirt and debris that may be sitting in your gravel or media
  • Suitable for use in tanks of all sizes – simply use the nozzle extension in larger tanks
  • Official biOrb part
  • Safe to use in tanks with fish


Make your aquarium maintenance easier with biOrb’s handheld syphon pump.

This manual tool is an easy-to-use water vacuum and can be used to clean the tank whilst changing the water.

To use, simply place one end of the pump into your fish tank and the other into a bucket. Move the nozzle around the ceramic media or gravel and squeeze the pump to take out waste and debris with the water. If your tank is on the larger size, then use the included nozzle extension. This device is safe for use with fish in the tank.

With optional accessories, you can change water safely without disturbing fish or gravel. Plus, you can efficiently clean sand, removing buried debris or waste.

The biOrb cleaner pump will help you complete the 4-6 week recommended routine maintenance on your tank. During routine maintenance, you should do a partial water change and replace 1/3 of the aquarium water with new water. The frequency of your water changes depends on the size of your biOrb and the fish stocking level.



1 x cleaner pump

1 x nozzle extension

1 x siphon cover             

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