biOrb Aquarium Chlorine Remover

biOrb Aquarium Chlorine Remover

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Key Features

  • The biOrb Chlorine Remover easily removes chlorine from tap water.
  • It makes tap water safe to use in your aquarium.
  • Use biOrb Chlorine Remover every time you change your aquarium water.
  • 1 Pump treats 5L of tap water.
  • Easy to use pump dispenser.


Using the biOrb Chlorine Remover is an easy and quick way to purify tap water by removing harmful chlorine. The remover makes tap water safe for your fish and other aquarium inhabitants.

Tap water contains chemicals which are highly toxic to fish. Having high levels of these chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines destroy fish gill tissue which prevents the uptake of oxygen potentially leading to fish death. Even low levels can irritate delicate fish tissue. Water must be treated before adding the fish as this ensures the fish remain healthy.

The biOrb Chlorine Remover contains vitamin B complex to help reduce stress in fish. This remover should be used whenever you change your aquarium’s water. The bottle having a pump device makes it easy to dose the water.


Model: biOrb Chlorine Remover 100ml

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14 x 4 x 4cm

Application: Shake well before use.

Dosage: 1 Pump treats 5L of tap water.

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