biOrb AIR 30L Acrylic Terrariums

biOrb AIR 30L Acrylic Terrariums

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Key Features

  • 360 Degree viewing angles.
  • Daylight & sunset lighting simulation.
  • Ultrasonic mister for optimal humidity control.
  • Carbon filter & fan for air filtration and circulation.
  • Available in grey, white or black finishes, to suit your style.


The biOrb Air 30L Terrariums are a unique, fully automated terrarium system that creates the right microclimate for growing tropical plants or housing frogs (such as poison dart frogs). By replicating the natural conditions under a tropical rainforest canopy, you are able to create the ideal growing conditions for tropical plants such as orchids, air plants, mosses, carnivorous plants and many more.

The biOrb Air 30L Terrariums use a treated sterilised coir compost as the substrate, which helps to cultivate the plants roots. The compost sits on top of a capillary mat that draws water up and into the compost from a small reservoir found at the base of the unit, this is to maintain hydration levels.

A 24 hour automated light cycle replicates natural daylight and nighttime through a six LED lighting array positioned at the top of the biOrb Air 30L Terrarium. These emit light output levels suitable for encouraging natural growth, whilst preventing plants from bending towards a single light unit. Not only that, but they simulate natural sunrises and sunsets for a truly unique and pleasant display all day and into the evening. 

The air inside the biOrb Air 30L Terrariums is constantly circulated by a built-in fan, which passes through a replaceable carbon filter to keep the air as fresh and clean as possible whilst discouraging stagnation and condensation. To help maintain the correct levels of humidity inside the biOrb Air 30L Terrarium's microclimate, water is added to the Terrarium using the built-in ultrasonic mister, which keeps your plants well hydrated.


Capacity: 30 litres

Capacity: 30 litres

Tank Diameter: 15.75 inches 

Height: 18 inches

In the Box: Carbon Filter, Misting Unit, LED Lighting, Acrylic Terrarium, Capillary Matting, Coir Compost, Arid Mix, Himidimist, Transformer and Remote. 

2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee  (See manufacturers website for details)

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