Bermuda Pressure Filter and UV Pond Filter

Bermuda Pressure Filter and UV Pond Filter

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Key Features

  • Easy to install and compact design
  • Built in UVC
  • Can be installed above or in the ground
  • Internal sponge cleaning made easy by manual handle
  • Can pump water uphill for use with watercourses/waterfalls


The Bermuda Pressure Filter and UV filter systems combine the effectiveness of biological and mechanical filtration into one unit with a UV clarifier for optimal water clarity. The pressurised nature of the unit allows it to effectively pump water uphill from the unit to feed garden water features such as watercourses, waterfalls or other features or to also be used to return water to the pond while the entire unit remains hidden from sight. Maintenance of the filter system and cleaning is kept easy and simple by the manual winding handle which cleans the internal sponges.

Dirty water can also be flushed away and filter media can be cleaned without getting hands wet.

The units feature 3 grades of filter foam with varying levels or coarseness to ensure the filter units capture the optimal amount of pollutant particles through this mechanical filtration process. Also included are Bio Balls which are a biological filter media. These Bio Balls encourage bacteria growth with their large surface area, which works to break down algae growth and also add to the filter units effectiveness.


Pump Model Max. Pond Volume Recommended Pump UV Power Hose Tail (Stepped)
10000 10,000 Litres (2,200 gallons) 3,500lph (770ghp) 18 Watt 25/32/40mm (1/1.25/1.5 inch)
15000 15,000 Litres (3,300 gallons) 5,000lph (1,100gph) 24 Watt 25/32/40mm (1/1.25/1.5 inch)

All units come supplied with 5m of cable

Guarantee: 1 year manufacturers guarantee

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