Bermuda Large Floating Artifical Pond Lilies

Bermuda Large Floating Artifical Pond Lilies

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Key Features

  • Floating Pond Lily - Bermuda Large Floating Pond Lillies, suitable for ponds and bodies of water
  • Water Surface Decoration - The Lillies easily float on the top of a pond or water feature surface and can be moved to suit needs
  • Realistic Looking - Made from synthetic materials, the flowers are safe to use in ponds and create a stunning visual look
  • Added Shade for FIsh - As well as making a pond colourful and bright, the lily pads have large petals and leaves that create a space for fish to shade under.
  • Dimensions - 24cm Per Liliy. Available in 4 colours. Choose from single, 3 or 5 pack..


Bermuda Water Lilys float on the surface of your pond or feature.

Beautifully detailed and hand crafted, the lilies have a large petal display with a soft feel leaf designed base.

Under the flower is a float that ensures it does not sink.

The flowers also provide shelter and protection for the fish

Available in 4 colours.


24cm Diameter

Available in 4 colours.

- White (Out of Stock)

- Yellow

- Pink

- Purple

Also available in 3 and 5 Packs

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