Bermuda Fungus and Bacteria Pond Water Treatment

Bermuda Fungus and Bacteria Pond Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Effective Treatment for sick pond fish
  • Treats Cotton wool like fungus, finrot and mouthrot
  • For external bacterial infections
  • Simple to use bottles
  • Various sizes available


Bermuda Fungus and Bacteria should be used when pond fish show signs of illnesses around the mouth and fins.

When a pond fish develops obvious signs of rotting away of the mouth or fins, or white cotton like growth is visible on the fish then there is a chance they have some fungal or bacteria infection.

The Bermuda Fungus and Bacteria is a 5 day treatment course that treats conditions like fin rot, mouth fungus, mouth rot and cotton wool fungus. The treatment should be used every day for 5 days to ensure the effective treatment and control


250ml Treats 2273 Litres (500 Gallons)

500ml Treats 4546 Litres (1000 Gallons)

1000ml Treats 9092 Litres (2000 Gallons)

Each bottle contains a 5 day course of treatment Please follow instructions on back of bottle for the best results.

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