AquaForte Polyester Spraybond X45 Premium Adhesive – 500ml

AquaForte Polyester Spraybond X45 Premium Adhesive – 500ml

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Key Features

  • High-quality contact adhesive, suitable for fixing a wide range of items to pond liner surfaces.
  • Extra strong due to high solids and rubber content
  • Heat-resistant and quick drying – approximately 2 minutes at 20°
  • Environmentally friendly – free from CFCs and harmful solvents
  • 500ml spray can


AquaForte contact adhesive is a high-quality adhesive that is suitable for use on a range of surfaces and products including pond liners.

Ideal for fixing in place stone liner edging, decorative trim or watercourse features to your pond liner.

Due to its high solids and rubber content, this heat-resistant glue is extremely strong and safe to use. It is environmentally friendly as it is free from CFCs and harmful solvents.

It is very easy to use, simply spray the adhesive onto both layers being glued. After a few minutes, press the layers together. Wait around 2 minutes for it to dry and then add another layer if needed.

Aquaforte Spraybond X45 Premium is also suitable for bonding plasticizer-sensitive surfaces such as PVC. The maximum percentage plasticizer of the PVC should not exceed 16%.

Pre-testing is recommended.


500ml can

DCM free

Directions for use:

Remove any moisture and grease from the surface being glued. Shake container before use. Gently spray the contact adhesive onto both surfaces being glued. The ideal distance between the surface and the aerosol is 30cm. try to apply the glue in a single layer. Bring the surfaces together after 2-4 minutes and press or roller firmly. Wait at least twice as long to glue the surfaces together if the layers applied have overlapped. Check thoroughly to see whether there is sufficient contact between the glue layers if the surface is porous. Apply an extra layer, if necessary. Drying time approximately 2 minutes at 20°C.

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