Aquaforest Mg Plus 250ml Marine Aquarium Magnesium Water Treatment

Aquaforest Mg Plus 250ml Marine Aquarium Magnesium Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Works effectively to raise low magnesium levels in Marine tanks
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Helps to maintain sudden drops in magnesium levels, that are vital for corals to absorb calcium
  • Promotes Easy clacification and healthy coral growth
  • 250ml Bottle. Easy to use


Aquaforest Mg Plus is a fast acting and effective water treatment for Marine Aquariums where the magnesium levels have dipped.

For marine tanks, the correct level of magnesium is essential for healthy and balanced coral growth. The correct levels of magnesium in the tank ensures the corals can absorb the calcium better. This creates a balanced eco system that works in harmony. If the levels of Mg drop inside the tank, the balance is interrupted.

Aquaforest Mg Plus is a highly concentrated formula has been developed to help raise magnesium in marine tanks and to restore the correct balance in the water. Reduced levels of magnesium may cause inability to maintain proper calcium levels and lowered pH.

Recommended magnesium levels in reef aquariums is 1180-1460 mg/l (ppm).



10ml of Mg Plus solution raises magnesium levels by 7.5 mg/l (ppm) in 100l (27G) of water. Dosage should be established based on water tests and daily corals consumption.

Before applying Mg Plus it is recommended to test magnesium levels first. Please ensure magnesium level is within the recommended range before attempting to raise or adjust calcium and alkalinity levels.

How to use

Check your Mg levels first. It's better for the tank inhabitants to dose the same amount of MgPlus with a couple of smaller doses instead of one big dose

Ensure the interval between doses of calcium, magnesium and KH are 5 minutes apart .

Dose product to sump, panel or overflow .

Do not raise Mg Levels by more than 100 ppm/day.

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