Aquaforest AF Hybrid Pro Salt 22kg Bucket Marine Aquarium Water Treatment

Aquaforest AF Hybrid Pro Salt 22kg Bucket Marine Aquarium Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Incorporates chemically pure laboratory-made safe with natural sea salt flakes
  • Bacteria blend to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels
  • Helps to increase colour intensity and growth potential often prevented by high phosphate
  • Creates conditions almost identicial to those found in natural seawater
  • 22kg Bucket


Aquaforest AF Hybrid Pro Salt 22kg has been manufactured to meet the specific chemical balance needs of a Marine Tank.

Marine tanks thrive on either natural seawater or chemically pure Salt. The Hybrid Pro Salt formula has been designed to deliver the benefits of both salts for the delicate reef inhabitants and produce a more natural probiotic enriched reef balance.

Unlike an Ocean, a marine tank is a closed ecosystem and not all chemical elements are consumed evenly, to compensate for this the Hybrid salt has been infused with increased levels of the most commonly consumed micronutrients and trace elements such as strontium and iodine for greater stability.

AF Hybrid Pro Salt is a unique product as it incorporates chemically pure, laboratory-made salt with natural sea salt flakes from the cleanest waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The salt has a blend of probiotic bacteria to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels while increasing colour and growth normally inhibited by high phosphate levels

The salt also has a number of micro and macro trace elements and is enriched with the highest quality amino acids and vitamins that naturally aid immunity.

AF Hybrid Pro Salt creates the perfect conditions usually found in natural seawater while maintaining beneficial nutrients that assist in the lowering of nitrate and phosphate levels, to create an overall balanced eco system


AF Hybrid Pro-Salt 22kg


For best use AF Hybrid Pro Salt should be dissolved in RODI water at a temp of 24-25C (75-77F) at a salinity of 33 ppt (1.025 S.G)

Dissolve 390g salt into 10 Litres (2.19G) of RODI water. Mix for 15 minutes. Once salt is dissolved the solution is ready for use

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