API Stress Zyme + 473ml Treatment

API Stress Zyme + 473ml Treatment


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Key Features

  • Keeps Aquariums clean
  • Improves biological filter
  • Adds beneficial bacteria
  • Use in fresh and saltwater
  • Treats up to 3558 Litres


API Aquarium Stress Zyme, an effective treatment to help with aquarium cleaning.

The Stress Zyme contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoon. These beneficial bacteria work to consume sludge thats accumulated around the tank and over the gravel. They also improve the development of the biological filter to ensure a cleaner and healthy aquarium for longer while reducing overall aquarium maintenance time.

The treatment also works to break down organic compounds that cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia, nitrite poisoning and low oxygen levels.


437ml Treatment

Treats up to 3558 Litres

Use the API dosing cap on the bottle.

Add 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 38 Litres of water weekly

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