Anti Shock Dog Seat Belt Clips

Anti Shock Dog Seat Belt Clips


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Key Features

  • Adjustable Length: 47cm - 67cm
  • Easy to attach to dog collar/harness
  • Reflective stitching for increased visibility in the dark
  • Elasticated for comfort when braking
  • Ensures dog safety in moving vehicles in accordance with the Highway Code (Rule 57)


The KCT Dog Seat Belts are the perfect way for safely restraining your dog in the car while you are travelling.

The simple design makes it a quick and easy process to secure your dog and ensure your compliance with the Highway Code (Rule 57) which is the requirement, by law, for dogs to be suitably restrained as to ensure their safety and the safety of all other vehicle occupants.

The seat belt clip is a standard 2.1cm universal design so it can be used in any standard seat belt socket (may not fit some Volvo or Hyundai models so please check compatibility before purchase). A section of the strap is elasticated to help protect your dog from sharp breaking and other jolts to the vehicle while in transit and the 360 degree swivelling hook clip on the end allows your dog to manoeuvre itself without getting tangled. The belt is also adjustable from 47cm in length all the way up to 67cm so it can be used for all dog sizes and altered as required.

The KCT Dog Seat Belts also feature reflective stitching for added visibility in dark situations and are available in; Black, Blue or Red


Colours Available:

Width: 2.5cm
Length: Adjustable 47cm - 67cm

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