750g + 30% (975g) Extra Fill Nishikoi Staple - Small Pellet

750g + 30% (975g) Extra Fill Nishikoi Staple - Small Pellet

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**Special Offer 750g+30% Extra Fill= 975g Jar - Limited Time Only**

Nishikoi Staple food is a balanced and nutritional diet for your pond fish.

The highly digestible pellet food is full of protein and a complete formula that aids in the ongoing health of your pond fish. The pellets allow the fish to utilise its benefits more efficiently and minimises waste in the water as they are formulated to not break up which can result in cloudy pond water.

Containing a stabilised Vitamin C, the staple food is an ideal maintenance diet for the warmer spring and summer months for all types of pond fish, and gives them a much needed boost through the season.

The pellets also contain Vitamin D to promote strong bone formation and essential minerals to help immune systems and all round growth.


750g + 30% = 950g Jar Small Pellet

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