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White Picket Fence Garden Border - Pack of 8 panels

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Key Features

  • Pack of 8 panels
  • White Picket Fence Design
  • Create streamlined Lawn edging
  • Great for creating Flowerbeds, plant islands and protecting the fauna inside.
  • Easy to place in the ground
  • Interlocking


The White Picket Fence Garden Border makes it easier to keep your garden neat and tidy and give a greater definition to your outdoor space.

The White fence borders are made from plastic and moulded to look like real wooden white picket fences. Each panel has 2 spikes to enable it to be placed into any soft ground surface.

The panels are flexible and are perfect for placing around flowerbeds and plant borders protecting them from invasion and keeping them neat and tidy. The panels can also be placed alongside the lawn edge, creating a more streamlined look to your garden.

Because the panels are flexible, they are perfect for use around even the most busiest of gardens, creating instant fencing borders, boxes and even circular shapes. Each panel can be interlocked with each other, giving you the option to create longer borders if needed.

Each pack provides 8 individual panels that lock together with ease and can be moved and placed where needed.


Measurements for Each Border

Length: 59.5cm

Height: 32cm

Height above Ground: 21cm

Each Pack: contains 8 Panels

 Pack(s) Continuous Length of Pack(s) (approx)
 1 Pack (8 Borders) 476 cm
 2 Packs (16 Borders) 952 cm
 3 Packs (24 Borders) 1428 cm
 4 Packs (32 Borders) 1904 cm
 5 Packs (40 Borders) 2380 cm
 6 Packs (48 Borders) 2856 cm
 7 Packs (56 Borders) 3332 cm
 8 Packs (64 Borders) 3808 cm

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