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Oase ClearTronic UVC Aquarium Clarifiers

Sku: OIU100

Key Features

  • High Quality impact resistant plastic housing
  • Eliminates cloudiness and harmful bacteria
  • Quick release for easier access to bulb and Quartz
  • Slim design and intergrated ballast- a real space saver.
  • 2 x 17mm hosetails per unit (with 25mm female thread)
  • 2 Year Guarantee


Oase Clear Tronic are reliable and robust UVC Clarifiers made specifically for Aquariums.

The Clear Tronics effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in the water while preserving the good and beneficial bacteria. The UVC eliminates the cloudiness caused by algae and bacteria present in the water to produce clear and healthy water for the aquarium fish.

Each Clear Tronic has a powerful and effective UV bulb at its core and a range of connection accessories to make connecting to an existing set up quick and simple. A quick release system enables the bulb and quartz to be accessed easily and each unit is made of high quality and robust impact resistant material and plastic housing, making it a superior and reliable UVC.

The units have been designed to save space and can be stored in a cabinet thanks to minimal dimensions and an intergrated ballast and because of its smaller size, it can easily be hidden when included in any type of set up.

The Clear Tronics have a 1.5m cable and can be used in salt and fresh water tanks.


Model For Tanks up to UVC Power Power Consumption Dimensions
Clear Tronic 7 Watt 250 Litres (55 Gallons) 7 Watt 11 Watt 330 x 120 x 100mm
Clear Tronic 9 Watt 400 Litres (88 Gallons) 9 Watt 12 Watt 330 x 120 x 100mm
Clear Tronic 11 Watt 600 Litres (132 Gallons) 11 Watt 14 Watt 330 x 120 x 100mm

Each ClearTronic has a 2 Year guarantee

Complete with 2 x 17mm hosetails with a 25mm female thread fitting

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