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Oase - Part - 41983 PondoVac 5 Pond Vacuum

Sku: OAV105

Key Features

  • High Power Vac with 1700 Watt motor.
  • Suction power of 8000 LPH
  • Integrated Silt pump for continuous use
  • Hand Regulator for adjusting suction power
  • 2.5m Suction Depth
  • Easy to move across rough terrain
  • Rubberized silent operation wheels
  • 10m flexible discharge hose, designed to float on the water surface for easy moving around the pond
  • Can be used on ponds, Pools and as an indoor wet vac
  • Accessories included for multiple uses
  • Delivered 10 - 14 Days from Order
  • Guarantee 2 + 1 Years


Oase New PondoVac 5 is a new continuous running vacuum for use around the pond, pool, garden and indoors.

Oase PondoVacs are known for their power and versatility and the new PondoVac 5 exceeds expectations. Developed with a built in emptying pump which works continuously as you do. The high powered pump enables a suction power of 8000 Litres per hour and to a depth of 2.5m. The pumped discharge empties the internal chamber efficiently, even at different heights up to 2 Metres, giving this Vacuum a varied range.

The integrated silt pump allows the wastewater to be flexibly diverted, enabling you to move freely about the pond.

Special large wheels are at the base of the vacuum and have been made for suitability over rough terrain as well as having a low noise operation. Suction power can easily be adjusted on the hand regulator positioned within easy reach at the top of the control pipe.

The outlet hose has a reliable plastic C Connection for attaching the 10 metre discharge hose to the side of the Vac, making a secure seal. Also included is a transparent suction tube for flow through control and monitoring.

The PondoVac 5 is very versatile and can be used to clean swimming pools as well as an indoor wet vacuum

The Vacuum can be used effectively around the pond with its selection of accessories, getting into all the places needed to ensure a complete clean.

Universal Nozzle: An all round flat nozzle for pond floor debris

Special String Algae Nozzle: Use this nozzle to separate and easily remove string algae

Area Nozzle: With Rollers, integrated brush and weight for large floor areas like swimming pools

Brush Nozzle: For corners and stubborn debris and areas

Wet Suction Nozzle: Wet suction flat headed attachment for indoor and outdoor use like patios and tiled floors.

Debris Bags: For use inside the tank to catch floating debris like leaves and dirt.


Dimensions LxWxH in mm : 435x395x670

Nominal voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption in watt :1700

Power consumption pump in watts: 900

Cable length in meters: 7.5

Suction head max in meters: 2.5

Litres per hour max: 8000

Hose length in meters: 5

Length outlet hose in meters: 10

Guarantee: 2 + 1 Years (requested)


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