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Nishikoi Multi Sticks

Sku: NIF300

Key Features

  • 28% protein for growth
  • Stabilised vitamin C
  • Highly Digestible
  • Colour enhancers
  • Floating stick Foil sealed for freshness
  • Special offer Jar. 415g+30% Extra Fill


** Special offer - 415G + 30% Extra Fill= 540g**

Nishikoi Multi-Sticks are a complimentary mix of floating sticks for all pond fish.

Pond fish are more active in the warmer weather and that is when a good, complete and balanced diet is needed as it helps to enhance their colour and health

Nishikoi Multi sticks is a highly digestible food with a blend of ingredients to satisfy a wide range of pond fish including goldfish, koi, orfe and shubunkins.

Formulation includes spirulina, astaxanthin and canthaxanthin for colour and Stabilised Vitamin C for health.


Available quantities:



540g (415g+ 30% extra Fill)



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