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Interpet Aquarium Gravel Cleaners

Sku: INV100

Key Features

  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy start priming action
  • Complete pack including syphon hose
  • Ideal for narrow hard to reach areas
  • Designed to separate and remove debris from aquarium gravel.
  • Wide mouth nozzle for faster cleaning and for hard to reach areas.


Designed specifically for easy cleaning of aquarium gravel, the simple start priming action ensures the Interpet gravel cleaner is hassle free every time.

The entire range of five different sizes all have a wide inlet foot ensuring efficient gravel cleaning and enables the hard-to-reach areas to be cleaned with ease. The mini size is especially suited for the narrow hard-to-reach places due to its slim profile and each cleaner comes complete with its own syphon hose.

This is a must have item if you own an aquarium. Clean your substrate of debris while carrying out a routine water change.

They have a self start priming valve, fully submersible, made of durable plastic, and very easy to use.

The clever design of the "shoulders" stops them from blocking with gravel making them quick and efficient to use.


Model  Length in Inch (cm) Diameter in Inch (cm) Hose Length in Inch (cm) Hose Diameter in Inch (cm)
 Mini  9 (22.8)  1 (2.5cm)  48 (122)  0.25 (0.63)
 Small  8 (20)  1.5 (3) 48 (122)  3/8 (0.5)
 Medium  12 (30)  1.5 (3) 48 (122)  3/8 (0.5)
 Large  12 (30)  2 (5)  48 (122)  0.5 (1)
 Extra Large  24 (60)  2 (5)  96 (244) 0.75 (2)

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