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BiOrb Terrarium Rockwood

Sku: BOO220

Key Features

  • Synthetic Resin material
  • Safe around plants
  • Suitable for BiOrb Air
  • Can also be used in aquariums, terrariums and reptile vivariums
  • 4 Designs


Oase BiOrb Terrarium Grey Rockwood, unique shaped pieces of diftwood inspired designs to enhance your terrarium.

Each piece has been made to compliment any terrarium and help to make it an eye catching and beneficial artificial environment for plants, reptiles, frogs and much more.

Each piece is made of synthetic but life like resin and is totally inert and will not effect the plants around it. Not only that, but being made out of resin means easy cleaning and extra durability.

The BiOrb Terrarium Bogwood have been designed specifically to fit the BiOrbAir Terrariums, but also make a great decoration piece for any terrarium, aquarium or reptile vivariums too.

Choose from the Spire, Neck, Trunk or Bird designs


Bird: 27 x 22cm

Neck: 27 x 22cm

Spire: 27 x 22cm

Trunk: 27 x 22cm

*All measurements are approximate

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