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BiOrbAIR 60L Terrariums

Sku: BOA160

Key Features

  • 60L Terrarium
  • Available in White or Grey Finish
  • Minimalistic Modern Design
  • Ambient Lighting
  • 360 Degree View
  • Replicates Tropical Forest Conditions
  • Ultrasonic Mister for Humidity Control
  • Can be used as a Terrarium for Various Tropical Frogs
  • Automatic 24 Hour Light Cycle
  • Simulates Sunrise, Daylight & Sunset
  • Contains Everything Needed to get Started
  • Features Carbon Filter and Fan for Air Filtration and Circulation


The BiOrb Air 60L Terrarium is a unique, fully automated terrarium that creates a perfect micro-climate for growing tropical plants or housing different species of frogs (such has Poison Dart Frogs). By replicating the natural conditions under a tropical rainforest canopy, you are able to create the perfect growing conditions for tropical plants such as Orchids, air Plants, mosses, carnivorous plants and many more.

The BiOrb Air 60L Terrarium uses treated sterilised coir compost as the substrate which helps to cultivate the plants roots. The compost sits on top of a capillary matt that draws water up and into the compost from a small reservoir found in the base of the unit to maintain hydration levels.

A 24 hour automated light cycle replicates natural daylight and night time though a six LED lighting array positioned at the top of the BiOrb Air 60L Terrarium. These emit light output levels perfect for encouraging natural growth, whilst preventing plants from bending towards a single light unit. Not only that, but they simulate natural sunrise and sunsets for a truly unique and pleasant display all day and into the evening.

The Air inside of the BiOrb Air 60L Terrarium is constantly circulated by a built in fan, which goes through a replaceable carbon filter to keep the air as fresh and clean as possible whilst discouraging stagnation and condensation. To help maintain correct levels of humidity inside of the BiOrb Air 60L Terrarium’s micro-climate, water is added to the Terrarium using the built in ultrasonic mister which keeps your plants well hydrated.

The minimal design of the BiOrb Air Terrarium allows cables and any equipment inside to be discreetly hidden away. With a 360 degree view, you can peacefully enjoy looking at your mini ecosystem at any angle in any position.

The BiOrb Air Terrarium also features an access portal in the base to allow you to add a heater and temperature probe if you require a specific setup.

*Please Note* BiOrb's built-in microprocessor and humidity sensor monitor the water levels automatically by using electrolytes in the water (total dissolved solids) as a means to physically detect the water. BiOrb’s HumidiMist is a specially formulated remineralised water (included) that has been developed specifically for this purpose as it contains minimal amounts of electrolytes which will prevent having any negative effect / harm on any of the components or plants inside of the terrarium. Using normal tap water is not recommended as the chemicals in the tap water can have a negative effect on the plants and the terrarium’s built in automated systems.

To view the instructions for the BiOrbAir Terrarium, Click Here


56 x 50cm (H x W)

Terrarium and Base, Lighting and Misting Module, Coir Compost, Planting Tray, Carbon Filter Cartridge, 2x 500ml Bottle HumidiMist, 24v Transformer, Capillary Matting plus Rubber Stopper, Full Instructions


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