Keep Debris under control with a Pond Skimmer



Careful planning goes into setting up a pond filtration system which prevents murky or green water. Floating debris can become trapped in your filter and cause it to stop working properly or even do damage to the unit. Debris are usually made of leaves but can consist of any garden material that can get into your pond.



Skimming your pond for this debris is an effective way to prevent unsightly deposits on top of your pond. It can also protect your pond filter from getting clogged. A skimmer works in tandem with your pond pump to catch floating debris before it can harm your filter.



Skimmers also sift out tiny particles which you may not be able to see but can prevent light from permeating the water.



Floating Skimmers



A floating skimmer, as the name suggests, sits on the surface of your pond and uses your pump to suck in floating debris. This material is collected in a basket which can be removed easily to empty and clean your skimmer.



Free Standing Skimmers



Free standing pond skimmers are fixed to the bottom of your pond. They tend to have a telescopic element which allows them to adapt to changing water levels, which can occur because of rainfall – or evaporation in hot weather. These can be secured in place to give you control of where they are positioned in your pond.



Skimmer Nets



Manually skimming your pond is an effective way of keeping it clean, without too much extra effort. Even the most advanced garden filtration system sometimes need a helping hand, so it is worth keeping a skimmer net in your garden shed for removing any large objects you notice floating on top of your pond.



A skimmer net is similar to an ordinary fishing net but has a flat head to easily sieve through the water and catch leaves or branches from your pond’s surface.



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