Automatic Pet and Aquatic Feeders

Automatic Feeders take away the need to worry when you are on your holidays or away for work. Whether it's for your pet Cat, Dog or Fish, Aquatix-2u stocks a variety of different solutions to keep your pet fed and hydrated at times that suit you.

With a 5.5 litre food capacity and a large LCD panel display, the Pisces Medium Pet Feeder is an easy to set up, 1 - 12 portion food dispenser that lets you select up to 3 feeding times a day.

This is perfect for those who have busy work schedules, or for anyone looking to take a trip away for a few days. These feeders are also excellent for diabetic pets, puppies and kittens that require small feeds at regular intervals.

To top it all off, you can even record your own personalised message to your pet via the built-in microphone and speaker which will be played upon meal time.

 The C10 and C20 Automatic Feeders by Pet Mate is perfect for your pet cat or dog. With the integrated timer, you can set the required feeding time for your pet and the feeder will automatically open, revealing your pets favourite meal.

The C10 offers a single feeding bowl, whereas the C20 offers 2 with separate 24hr timers for those away for longer periods of time. Both models are suitable for storing wet food in their sealed compartments, and both the lid and bowl can be removed making them easy to clean.

To View the C10 and C20 Feeders, Click Here

The Fish Mate P7000 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder is a large battery powered device suitable for setting up regular feeding intervals. It is particularly ideal for those looking to go on holiday or to simply set a fixed daily feeding schedule for your aquatic livestock.

The P7000 features a 7-litre food capacity, LCD controls and accurate constant feeds to maximise growth and vitality without risking overfeeding your fish.

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