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Velda I-Tronic Blanketweed Controller

Sku: VET100

Key Features

  • Safe for humans, wildlife and plants
  • 2 Year guarantee
  • Improves water quality
  • Eliminates algae and blanketweed


Velda introduces a revolutionary product which tackles the algae problem with lasting results.

The core of the I-Tronic consists of an anode made of a mineral copper alloy and a cathode of stainless steel.

The operating unit, which is microprocessor controlled, generates electric pulses, as a result of which positively charged copper ions are released.

They are forming a natural killer of both fibrous and slimy algae.


IT-05: up to 5000 litres

IT-15: 3000-15000 litres

IT-35: 10000-35,000 litres

IT-75: 20000-75000 litres

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