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Velda HighStream 15000 Pond Pump

Sku: VEP144

Key Features

  • Economical and powerful pump motor
  • Ceramic bearings for longevity and reliability
  • Can be used for fountains and water features.
  • Completely submersible pump, that can also be used in dry mounting
  • Super Vortex impeller allowing for large water capacity handling while moving dirt particles up to 6mm
  • Thermal security device will stop and restart the motor in event of overheating
  • For ponds from 8000 - 30000 Litres


When it comes to a powerful and reliable pond pump, the Velda HighStream has all you need to fill those demands.

Manufactured with the recent advances in technology, the HighStream 15000 Pond pump has an innovative economical asynchronous motor that combines superior high capacity handling with low energy consumption. The motor is encased and is water tight making it a durable and long lasting pump.

The pump is equipped with a Super Vortex impeller, combining large water capacity with the possibility to move dirt particles up to 6mm. The pumps have a specially constructed housing called a preliminary filter scale, that prevents coarse dirt particles penetrating the impeller room and causing damage.

The High Stream pump can be used for fountain or water features and has a selection of hosetails for use in any set up. As well as being a strong and powerful submersible pump, the High Stream 15000 can also be used dry mounted, outside of the pond, provided that it is placed lower then water level. This makes the pumps ideal for pressure filter systems as well as larger filter installations.

The pump also has a built in thermal security device, this will switch the pump off in the case of overheating and protects the components, then when it has cooled down.....the pump will turn back on. And combined with ceramic bearings, this provides longevity and reliability for that peace of mind.

The 15000 Highstream can be used in ponds from 8000 Litres (1760 Gallons) to 30000 Litres (6600 Gallons) with an output of 15000 Litres (3300) Gallons per hour and can deliver a head height of up to 5.5m


HighStream 15000

Dimensions: 370 x 220 x 190mm.

Ouput: 15000 LPH (3300 GPH)

For Ponds : 8000 - 30000 Litres (1760 - 6600 Gallons)

Delivery Head Height : Max 5.5m

Power: 210 Watts

Hosetails: 2 x 32/40mm + 1 x 20/25/32mm

Cable: 10m

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