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Velda Eco-Stream Stand Performance Pond Pumps

Sku: VEP120

Key Features

  • Particularly Suitable for Creating Pond Streams and Waterfalls
  • Low-Energy Motor with Super Vortex Impeller
  • Low-Noise with a Stable Vibration Free Stand
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • 36 Month Guarantee


The Velda Eco-Stream Stands are highly economical and energy saving Pond Pumps which have been produced using the latest insights and technical developments in the field of energy conservation, ranking them among the best pond pumps in the world.

The highly economical asynchronous motors are equipped with a thermal security device and are completely sealed water tight. With ceramic bearings and being made out of non-corrosive materials, you are guaranteed to have a long lasting and high quality pump for your pond.

The Velda Eco-Stream Stand Pumps have been put in a stable vibration free stand and are highly suitable for dry installation. Eco Stream Stand Pumps work great in combination with pressure filters to create impressive water features such as waterfalls and streams. They can also be installed in the pond or in an open filter system under the water level, meaning that they are also suitable for larger filter installation.

Super Vortex Impeller

All pumps are equipped with a Super Vortex Impeller. This special impeller combines large water capacity with the ability to move dirt particles up to 6mm.


 Model  Power  Voltage  Freq.  Max Head  Output  Multistage Hosetail Adaptor Size  Inlet/Outlet Size
 Eco-Stream Stand 6000  65W  220 - 240V  50Hz  2.1m  6100 L/H  32mm/40mm  1.5 Inch Male BSP
 Eco-Stream Stand 8000  80W  220 - 240V  50Hz  4.0m  7800 L/H  32mm/40mm  1.5 Inch Male BSP
 Eco-Stream Stand 12000  155W  220 -240V  50Hz  4.5m  11300 L/H  32mm/40mm  1.5 Inch Male BSP
 Eco-Stream Stand 15000  210W  220 -240V  50Hz  5.5m  15200 L/H  32mm/40mm  1.5 Inch Male BSP
 Eco-Stream Stand 20000  318W  220 -240V  50Hz  6.3m  19100 L/H  32mm/40mm  1.5 Inch Male BSP

Each pump is provided with:

  • 10m 3-Core Cable
  • 2x 32/40mm Hosetails
  • 1x 90 Bend Fitting
  • User Manual

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