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Velda Agua Azul Tubs Outdoor Water Feature

Sku: VEF304_b

Key Features

  • Rustic style Self contained feature
  • Creates soft and soothing water sounds and creates interest in any garden.
  • Ideal if space is limited.
  • Built in water reservoir
  • Made from Polystone, sturdy and resistant to weather conditions
  • 2 Year Guarantee


The Velda Agua Azul self contained water feature has a unique and decorative look about it.

Designed to look like two old fashioned wooden buckets sat against a tree stump, the feature has a rustic and vintage feel.

Hidden away in the tree section is a water tank and pump, controlling the water that ascends up the inside of the stump and exits via a cleverly designed branch outlet. From here the water falls into the first bucket and then into the lower second bucket. It then returns to the hidden water reservoir, all the time creating a gentle and soft flowing water sound as it moves from basin to basin.

The feature is made of polystone and is resistant to water and changing weather conditions, making it perfect for long term use outside.


Dimensions: 61.5 x 41 x 36cm

Pump: 320LPH

Power: 6 Watt

Cable: 3 Metres (No plug)

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