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Velda VT Vex Pressure Pond Filters

Sku: VEF130

Key Features

  • 3 Stage Filtration system for ponds
  • Uses Mechanical, Biological and UVC to help clean pond water
  • Intergrated UVC with easy access for bulb changes
  • Robust material, with a sleek look
  • Back Wash Valve, easily controlled by dial on the lid.
  • For ponds from 10000 to 15000 Litres
  • Easy to install
  • 2 Years Guarantee


The Velda VEX Pond Filters are designed to keep your pond water clean, clear and healthy.

The VEX filters have a 3 stage filtration system to ensure the pond water is effectively cleaned.

The first stage is mechanical, the water passes through a coarse and thick filter foam that traps the visible dirt particles as it passes.

The second stage is biological. Under the foam are plastic bio ball media that allows beneficial bacteria to colonise. These micro-organisms remove any organic components in the water.

The third and final stage is a powerful UVC light that kills the germs and floating algae present in the water as it passes by a Ultra Violet light.

The result of this 3 stage system, is clean and healthy water for your pond life.

As well as working to keep the pond healthy, the VEX filters have been designed to make set up and cleaning easy. The top of the filter has 3 hosetails that can hold hose from 25 to 40mm internal diameter. The central connector can be attached by hose to a relevant sized pump. The second connection returns the clean water back into the pond by hose, while the third connector works alongside the top located dial that activates the back wash system and makes maintenance easy.

The filter is a pressurised system, the water is sent too and from the filter under pressure and not gravity unlike other box filters. This allows you to have freedom over where to position it around your pond as it does not need placing above the water return level, giving you the option to house it safely or even partially bury it out of sight.

The filter is made of high quality materials and looks sleek and stylish, a welcome addition to your pond filter system.


Model For Ponds UVC Included Max Flow Rate Dimensions
Vex 200 10000 Litres 9 Watt 6000 LPH 45 x 35 x 35 cm
Vex 300 15000 Litres 11 Watt 8000 LPH 57 x 35 x 35 cm

All filters come with 3 x 25/32/40mm hosetails and 10 metres of cable

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