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Velda Garden Protector Electric Fence

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Key Features

  • Protects 40 Meters of Garden (with 2 threads of wire - see image)
  • Guards Against Garden Pond Pests (Herons, Cats, Birds etc)
  • Harmless Electric Pulse Scares Of Unwanted Guests
  • Perfect for Gardens and Ponds


The Velda Garden Protector guards your garden or aviary against unwanted intruders.

The included 80 metres of harmless electric wire will prevent cats, herons and other unwanted pests from entering your garden by giving off a low pulse of electricity when the fence is touched by the intruder.

The Velda Garden Protector contains everything you need to get set up and is an ideal pest deterrent that will protect up to 40 metres of your garden.



1 transformer with cord and plug
10 metal insulators 18.5 cm high
10 screw insulators 3.5 cm high
80 meters of electric (wire) fence
5 meters pulse wire (red)
5 meters grounded wire (green)
1 metal grounded pin of 55 cm
Connectors and fastening screws

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