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Velda Pond Protector

Sku: VED102

Key Features

  • Heron and Cat Deterrent.
  • Protects up to 40metres with double strand fence.
  • Protects your pond fish electronically from herons and cats.


Protect Your Fish Against Herons, Cats and Unwanted Visitors.

This harmless electric fence from Velda, when stretched around your pond provides a safe deterrent from Herons, Cats and other wildlife that may otherwise try to catch valuable fish from your pond.

The supplied transformer gives off a low and harmless electric pulse to the wire around your fenced in pond. Touching the fence scares off herons and cats causing them to avoid your pond in the future.


Supplied with :

Transformer (indoor) with 1.5metre mains cable.

2 x 5 metre connecting wires.

80m electric wire.

10 x 60cm fence stakes.

55cm metal ground pin

2 year manufacturer guarantee.

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