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Velda Floating Plant Oasis

Sku: VEA107

Key Features

  • Floating Oasis made of piocelan (Resin Foam)
  • Can hold up to 6 aquatic plants in their pots (approx 9 x 9 x 10cm)
  • Will create and eye catching floating Island
  • Perfect for any pond or water body
  • Lightweight


The Velda Floating Plant Oasis is a handy and easy to use addition to any ponds greenery.

The Oasis can sit on the surface of any pond or water body and has 6 holes to enable a selection of plants to be held in place. The combination of the plants will create an eye catching island display that can be intergrated with other features in the pond.

The Floating Oasis is perfect for use in places were ponds are too deep to plant marsh plants on the bottom. The Oasis can fit up to 6 Square Aquatic plants in their pots ( approx 9 x 9 x 10cm baskets), which can be easily accessed for maintenance and can be easily changed when needed.


Dimensions 29 x 41 x 4.5cm

Holds: Up to 6 plants with Square baskets (9 x 9 x 10cm)

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