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T8 UV Filter Bulb - 15 Watt

Sku: UTK104_FREE

Key Features

  • High-Quality Replacement UV Tubes


Standard size, compatible with most manufacturers; including Yamitsu and TMC. Replacement lamps for pond uv clarifiers and filter systems.

For optimum UVC effectiveness bulbs need to be changed every 6-12 months


Approx Dimensions;

  • 4 watt, 135mm (150mm including Pins)
  • 6 watt, 210mm (225mm including Pins)
  • 8 watt, 285mm (300mm including Pins)
  • 12 watt, 285mm (300mm including pins)
  • 15 watt, 435mm (440mm including Pins)
  • 16 watt, 285mm (300mm including Pins)
  • 25 watt, 435mm (440mm including Pins)
  • 30 watt, 895mm (910mm including Pins)
  • 55 watt, 890mm (905mm including Pins)

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