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Pisces Multi-Switch Outdoor Pond Electrical Switch Boxes

Sku: TRE100a

Key Features

  • Weather Proof
  • The switches are covered and sealed with black flexible PVC boot covers
  • Fitted on the bottom half of the enclosure is seven weatherproof cable glands, which will accommodate cables from 5 to 8mm in diameter.
  • Supplied with the product is a pamphlet with installation instructions, and sealing plugs for unused cable glands.
  • IP56 Rated
  • Each switch takes up to 360 Watts (1.5 amps)


These weatherproof Switch Boxes are intended for use outdoors; especially for water gardeners.

They are perfect for controlling outdoor electrical appliances i.e. pond pumps, ornamental lighting, UV Filters etc.

Fitted with Neon power indicator.


Types available: (Dimensions LxHxW)

3 way (13cm x 13cm x 8cm)

4 way (16cm x 10cm x 14cm)

5 way (16cm x 10cm x 14cm)

6 way (16cm x 10cm x 14cm)

Each switch takes up to 360 Watts (1.5 amps)

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