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TAP Barley Straw Midi Bale

Sku: TPT302

Key Features

  • 100% Natural Material
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for Fish and Plants
  • Added Lavender extract for advanced benefits
  • Midi Bale - Perfect for Medium sized ponds


TAP Barley Straw Midi Bale

Algae problems in ponds can become a threat for the ecosystem if not treated. TAP Barley Straw Bales are 100% natural making them easy on the life living within the pond.

When the bale is introduced to the pond and becomes wet, a natural enzyme is released which helps to combat algae in a completely natural way. The end result is crystal clear water.

The TAP Barley Bales are larger then most bales on the market, treating more water for your money than any others.

the Midi bales are a good option for a medium sized pond, treating up to 13,500 litres ( 3000 gallons)

The TAP Barley Bales have the additional benefit of added Lavender. Research has shown that the addition of lavender greatly increases the effectiveness of the straw.


Midi- Treats 13500 Litres (3000 Gallons)

Place one bale in a pond up to 3000 Gallons. Replace every 8 weeks in the Spring to Autumn time.

For persistent problems, use 2 bales per 3000 Gallons

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