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TAP Water Feature Clean Balls

Sku: TPT270

Key Features

  • Effective and Easy to Use Water Treatment
  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Completely Biodegradable Gel Balls
  • For Clean, Algae Free Water Features
  • Disinfects Against Harmful Bacteria
  • Safe for All Pets and Wildlife


An unsightly water feature in your pond or garden can detract from the overall look of your decorative garden.

The TAP Feature Clean Balls are biodegradable gel balls made of an organic polymer that are designed to slowly release key ingredients into the water.

The Feature Clean Balls are packed full of natural ingredients that work to keep your water feature clean and healthy.

In addition to the algae reducing properties of the balls, they also have a mild disinfection action to keep all water features safe for children.


250ml Treats a small water feature, choose a larger tub for bigger features or repeat treatments.

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