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TAP Pond Barley Straw Pond Water Treatment Balls

Sku: TPT260

Key Features

  • Effective and Easy to Use Pond Treatment
  • 100% Organic Algae Control
  • Completely Biodegradable Gel Balls
  • Natural Alternative to Create and Maintain a Crystal Clear Pond
  • Safe for Wildlife, Pets and Fish


Green Water and Blanketweed can look unsightly on a ponds surface. The Blanketweed can damage your pond pump or filter while any green water present in the pond can limit visibility to the fish and could start to effect the delicate balance of oxygen levels present.

The TAP Barley Straw Balls is a natural alternative to treat Green Water and Blanketweed and produce a clear pond. The balls can be added to the pond or into the filter and have a biodegradable organic gel casing that dissolves to add the treatment to the pond in a slow release form.

The Gel Balls are easy to use and eliminates the need to use unsightly straw bales in the water.


500ml Treats 2250 Litres (550 Gal)

1000ml Treats 4500 Litres (990 Gal)

2500ml Treats 11250 Litres (2475 Gal)

5000ml Treats 22500 Litres (4949 Gal)

Directions for use; Add 100ml of the balls to your pond for every 450 Litres. Repeat when needed

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