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TAP Pond Algae Control Balls

Sku: TPT230

Key Features

  • Effective and Easy to Use Treatment
  • Works on Most Pond Algae
  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Helps to Create and Maintain a Crystal Clear Pond
  • Biodegradable Gel Balls
  • Can Be Used All Year Round.
  • Various Treatment Sizes to Choose From
  • Special Offer 500ml + 50% Extra Fill


** Special offer 500ml + 50% Extra Fill = 750ml **

Algae can be a problem in ponds, normally resulting in a "pea green soup" appearance. The Algae can be produced by excess organic debris, newly filled ponds or ones located in very sunny places. When Algae starts to grow it may cause oxygen depletion in the water. This can result in major health issues in your fish with the chance of death.

TAP Algae Control Balls are biodegradable and safe gel like balls. Each ball is packed full of natural ingredients which help to create and maintain a crystal clear pond.

The balls are easy to use, simply add 100ml of balls per 450 litres of pond water. Add to the pond directly. The balls will naturally biodegrade and get to work on the algae.

The balls can be used all year round and are completely safe for Pets, Wildlife and Ponds.


500ml Treats 2250 Litres (550 Gal)

1000ml Treats 4500 Litres (990 Gal)

2500ml Treats 11250 Litres (2475 Gal)

5000ml Treats 22500 Litres (4949 Gal)

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