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Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser Treatment 1.2kg

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Key Features

  • Stabilises water values in ponds
  • Increases kH levels to prevent "soft" water
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not cloud
  • Works quickly


Pond Water needs to have the correct balance to be healthy for the fish living inside. Anything small can disrupt the balance and cause stress in the fish, possibly resulting in death.

Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser is a quick and effective treatment that stabilises the important water values like pH and kH (carbon hardness). Stable levels ensure a healthy environment in the pond.

The treatment increases the kH levels and prevents the water from becoming too soft. This results in a more stable pH value and prevents any loss of fish.

It dissolves quickly and does not cloud, working immediately to produce quick and effective results.

Ensure you check water values regularly with Tetra Pond Test 6 in 1


1.2kg Tub

Treats 10000 Litres Pond Water (KH increase by about 4 dH)


Monthly dispense 1/2 tub per 5000 Litres of Pond Water. If required re-dose; For example after heavy rainfalls or prior to application of anti algae products and medications.

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