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Tetra Pond - Phosphate Minus Treatment

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Key Features

  • Reduces the key algae nutrient phosphate, thereby controlling its growth
  • Helps prevent green water and blanketweed
  • Safe for fish, plants and wildlife
  • Can be used throughout the year for maximum effectiveness
  • Easy to dose


Tetra Pond Phosphate Minus treatment enhances natural, long-term algae control.

When phosphate begins to increase in pond water, the result develops as algae which can cause an array of problems in the water and can harm the aquatic life.

The algae can grow quickly on the pond surface and soon turn your water into "pea soup" The algae also looks unsightly and makes it hard to see the fish below.

Adding some TetraPond Phospate Minus into the water at the begining of the season will help to combat the algae and control its growth. The treatment is safe for fish and plants.


Add 50ml of Tetra Pond PhosphateMinus per 1000 litres of pond water. Repeat this dose every 4 weeks.

Use PhosphateMinus from the beginning of the season for maximum effect.

PhosphateMinus is ideal for using in conjunction with Tetra Pond AlgoRem for green water, or Tetra Pond AlgoFin for blanketweed.

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