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Tetra Aquarium Medica Contralck 100ml

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Key Features

  • Fast Action
  • Remedy for white spot
  • Also effective against skin and gill diseases like Tricodina and Chilodonella
  • For Aquariums up to 400 Litres


Tetra Medica Contralck 100ml is a highly effective treatment for diseases and skin parasites on all types of tropical freshwater fish.

Medica Contralck is specially formulated to control and treat diseases like white spot, Trichodina and Childonella that might be present on your freshwater ornamental fish.

Treats aquariums up to 400 Litres


100ml Treatment

For use in aquariums up to 400 Litres

Ingredients per 100 ml of solution:

7.880 mg of malachite green carbinol hydrochloride, 3.20 g of formaldehyde

Do not store at temperatures above 25C. Do not use the remedy once the expiry date has passed. Read the enclosed directions for use carefully prior to application! Keep this remedy out of the reach and sight of children!

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