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Tetra Aquarium Bactozym 10 Caps

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Key Features

  • Allows faster fish introduction
  • Accelerates the development of friendly bacteria.
  • Speeds up removal of harmful waste
  • Speeds up filter development
  • Can be used to prevent New Tank Syndrome


The Tetra Aquarium Bactozym can be used on any Aquarium to help speed up filter maturation.

By using the unique Bactozym caps, you can prevent New Tank Syndrome which can occur. The capsules can also be used in new aquariums to speed up the development of a safe environment and allows fish to be added after 24 hours.

The Treatment works fast to break down harmful chemicals as it promotes the development of nitrifying bacteria. It accelerates the development of all friendly bacteria in the filter and can be used to prevent serious loss of the bacteria inside the filter when water changes are needed or during filter maintenance.

The unique Two Way action of the caps removes harmful waste and stimulates the decomposition of uneaten food. It creates ideal conditions for the rapid development of filter bacteria.

Bactozym can also be used to reestablish filters that have been damaged.


Add Bactozym to all new filters, and after cleaning established filters. For new aquariums, add 2 capsules per 100 litres (22 gallons) of aquarium water, placing the capsules directly into the filter. Repeat every 7 days. After cleaning the filter, add 1 capsule per 100 litres (22 gallons) of aquarium water

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