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Tetra Aquarium Nitrate Minus

Sku: TEA210

Key Features

  • Harnesses natural process of biological de-nitrification
  • Simply add to aquarium once a week - no need for resins that have to be replaced or recharged
  • Maintains nitrate level below 30-40mg/l or less (in an average aquarium)
  • Helps control algae growth
  • Removes nitrate levels that may cause bacteria infections in fish
  • Produces no harmful by-products and is completely safe for plants and fish


Tetra Nitrate Minus for aquariums.

For the long-term reduction and control of nitrate, leading to better water quality and less algae. Nitrates in water can also cause unwanted baceteria infections like fungus and fin rot.

High Nitrate levels in Aquarium water can encourage and enhance excessive algae growth. The Nitrate Minus treatments works by utilising a natural biological process to remove the nitrate present.

The treatment also releases a low level of carbonates into the water which helps to stabilise the pH levels. Unlike other treatments, Tetra Nitrate Minus does not need to be added to any filter.

Simply add straight into the water weekly for regular Nitrate control.




Add 2.5ml of NitrateMinus per 10 litres of aquarium water, on a weekly basis. Dose rate can be doubled for additional nitrate control. Depending on the starting concentration of nitrate in the aquarium, it can take a few weeks to reach the desired level. Once achieved, levels will remain low.

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