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Tetra Easy Balance Water Conditioner

Sku: TEA124a

Key Features

  • Lowers Phosphate levels
  • Stabilises the pH level and carbonate water hardness of your tank, keeping fish healthy
  • Adds the crucial vitamins, trace elements and minerals which are essential for a healthy aquarium.


Tetra EasyBalance Aquarium Water Treatment offers a number of benefits, including the reduction of Phosphate and helps to stabalize pH and KH whilst replenishing essential Trace Elements and Minerals.

When using Tetra EasyBalance, ensure that the aquarium is properly aerated. EasyBalance is only suitable for use in mature tanks, with a fully functioning filter.

It is still important to keep the gravel clean while using EasyBalance, through occassional siphoning with a TetraTec GC gravel cleaner


Add EasyBalance to the aquarium at a rate of 2.5ml per 10litres (2 gallons) every week, to replace regular water changes. Perform a 50% water change, using tap water conditioned with AquaSafe, at least once every 6 months.

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