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Superfish Retro Fit Aquarium LED Lights

Sku: SFL100

Key Features

  • Upgrade Your Traditional Fluorescent Tubes to LED Systems and Save Energy
  • Complete Kit Including Ballast and Waterproof End Caps
  • Plug and Play Seamless Upgrade
  • Long Life Span (30,000 Burning Hours)
  • Combi LED lights include Bright and Colour LEDs in One Strip.
  • Combi Kits Come With 2 Different Size End Caps for T8 and J-T5 fitting (not 24w and 39w)


SuperFish Retro Fit LED Lights are a revolutionary, low energy and cost effective solution to lighting up your Aquarium.

By replacing your traditional T8 or T5 fluorescent lamp with a SuperFish LED Retro Fit Light, you can save up to 50% on energy and the super efficient lights can supply up to 30,000 hours worth of use, saving you money in the long run.

The SuperFish Retro Fit LED Lights offer a seamless and easy to fit upgrade without the need to make any changes to your aquarium, and the models labeled to fit JT5 fittings also make a compatible and suitable Arcadia T5 J-Line replacement (Jewel T5).

Also available from SuperFish is the Combi Retro fit LED light, a combination of Bright and Colour light in one light strip, ideal for aquariums with only one light holder.

With the lights being fully water resistant and low voltage, the Superfish Retro Fit LED Lights make a perfect, low energy and easy fit replacement. Each light comes with their own on/off in-line switch and transformer, making them a hassle free replacement light for your Aquarium.


Includes Ballast and Waterproof End Caps

Bulb Type Model Type Actual Power
Retro LED Bright 24w / 55cm T5 12w
Retro LED Bright 39w / 85cm T5 16w
Retro LED Bright 54w / 115cm T5 25w
Retro LED Bright 15w / 45cm T8 & JT5 11w
Retro LED Bright 18w / 60cm T8 & JT5 14w
Retro LED Bright 25w / 75cm T8 &  JT5 17w
Retro LED Bright 30w / 90cm T8 & JT5 20w
Retro LED Bright 36w / 120cm T8 23w
Retro LED Bright 38w / 105cm T8 18w
Retro LED Bright  58w / 150cm T8 25w
Retro LED ColourPlus 24w / 55cm T5 6w
Retro LED ColourPlus 39w / 85cm T5 10w
Retro LED ColourPlus  54w / 115cm T5 13w
Retro LED ColourPlus 15w / 45cm T8 7w
Retro LED ColourPlus 18w / 60cm T8 9w
Retro LED ColourPlus 25w / 75cm T8 10w
Retro LED ColourPlus 30w / 90cm T8 12w
Retro LED ColourPlus 36w / 120cm T8 15w
Retro LED ColourPlus 38w / 100cm T8 & JT5 13w
Retro LED ColourPlus 58w / 150cm T8 19w
Retro LED Combi 15w / 45cm T8 & JT5


Retro LED Combi 18w / 60cm T8 & JT5 12w
Retro LED Combi 25w / 75cm T8 & JT5 15w
Retro LED Combi 30w / 90cm T8 & JT5 17w
Retro LED Combi 24w / 55cm T5 9w
Retro LED Combi 39w / 85cm T5 17w

 *Sizes are Approximate

Comes with a 2 Year Guarantee

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