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Pond and Aquarium Fixer Liner Sealant

Sku: RDS100

Key Features

  • High Performance
  • Flexible Elastic Rubber
  • Fast Curing Weather and Age resistant.
  • Silicone, isocyanates and solvent free
  • Can be applied underwater
  • Safe for fish, aquatic life and plants.
  • Bonds all surfaces


The Pond and Aquarium Fixer is a high strength elastic adhesive and sealant for many indoor and outdoor applications

The fixer gas a high viscosity and is suitable for gluing and sealing many surfaces from Pond Liners to Glass to Metal.

Because of its good chemical resistance it is unaffected by normal pond water conditions making it the perfect sealant for any underwater jobs. The Pond and Aquarium Fixer is safe to use around all marine and fish life and contains no harmful chemicals. It is inert, odourless and does not contain solvents, silicones or isocyanates. The fixer also has the benefit of being weather resistant and non corrosive.

The Fixer works instantly and is easy to use. The fixer fits into most universal gun applicators As well as using this in the pond it can be used on Glass, Stone, Concrete, Wood, Ceramic, Metal and Vinyl.


Sizes Available



After surface area is clear of dirt and debris, apply in strips and place immediately onto the surface.

Place the surfaces together and press firmly.

Applicator gun available separately (for 290ml)

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