Westland Aquatic Compost 20L

Westland Aquatic Compost 20L

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Key Features

  • 20L Compost
  • Suitable for a wide range of aquatic plants
  • Sterilised soil & grit for healthy aquatic plants
  • Slow release of nutrients to prevent greening of water
  • Loam based for nutrient retention


Westland Aquatic Compost is a specialised formulated soil and grit compound that ensures the healthy and successful growth of your aquatic plants. Thanks to the unique formula the compost is also able to protect the purity of the water whilst providing plants a way to anchor down using the grit contained in the compost. Appropriate for all submerged, floating and marginal aquatic plants in ponds, rock pools, and water features..

Westland Aquatic Compost is formulated using a mix of sterilised soil (loam) which helps plants retain vital nutrients, and a balance of low level fertiliser to promote the plants overall growth whilst keeping unwanted blanket weed away.

Ideal for:

Floating pond plants, such as Water Lillies (Nymphoea), Arrowhead (Sagitarria), Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) and Golden Club (Orontium).

Submerged oxygenators, such as Pondweed (Lagarsyphon major) and Water Mint (Mentha acquatica).

Marginals, such as Water Iris (Iris Laevigata), Water Plantain (Alisma) and bog plants such as Marsh Marigold (Menyanthes), Bur Reed (Sparganium) and most other aquatic plants.


Amount: 20L

Weight: 25kg

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