Velda VT Submersible Sump Pumps

Velda VT Submersible Sump Pumps

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Key Features

  • For use when emptying large volumes of water from Ponds, Pools, Basements etc
  • Powerful motor and easy to use setup
  • Fully submersible
  • Can pump water up to 8 Metres high
  • Automatic and Manual operation modes.. Internal automatic float switch will turn off pump when water gets too low, to prevent overheating pump. 2 Year Guarantee


Velda VT Submersible Sump Pumps, perfect for removing water from Ponds, Pools, Water Basins and Flooded cellars.

Please Note: This Pump is not suitable for use as a continuous 24/7 running pond filter pump.

The Velda VT Submersible range of self priming sumps have been designed to make the job of removing water easy. The pump can be placed submersed in a large body of water like a Pond, Pool or any flooded room and will work hard to pump the water away with minimal effort. The pump is able to work until the water level drops to 5mm, perfect to empty all large bodies of water. And because the pump is so powerful, it is able to suck and move even heavily polluted water (particles to max 5mm).

The Sump is able to pump the water up to a maximum height of 8 metres, making it perfect for use in flooded cellars or deep Ponds and pools. This allows the water to flow up the hose and to be deposited safely at a chosen location further away without the loss of power or suction.

The pump has two modes of operation:

Manual Mode:

The pump will work continuously until the water level lowers to 5mm, at this point you should turn the pump off.

Automatic Mode:

An internal float switch sensor turns the pump on anytime the water level is above 17cm and will continue to operate until the level drops to 10cm, at which point the pump automatically turns off to prevent overheating.

Ideal for placement in areas where unwanted flooding can occur.

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