Velda Fountain Clear Water Treatment Tablets

Velda Fountain Clear Water Treatment Tablets

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Fountain Clear Tablets by Velda are a great solution to keeping water clear in water features, which helps prevent build-up of nasty green deposits on and around your fountain or ornament. By simply adding a tablet to the water Fountain Clear will get to work and the water will remain clear for months with no more nasty deposits forming.

The Fountain Clear Tablets Pack contains 10 effervescent tablets. Just using 1 tablet per 100-150 litres of water is sufficient enough for long lasting results (a couple of months). For larger ornaments and fountains it is best to use tablets in proportion to how much water is in the feature and if necessary, the tablets can be divided up for more precise amounts.

*Please Note These tablets are exclusively meant to be used with water ornaments and fountains, in which no fish is kept and does not contain plants. These are also not suitable for room fountains which have been installed inside the house.*


Contains: 10 Tablets per Pack

Effective Treatment Dosage: 1 tablet per 150 litres

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